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Thursday, 28 December 2006

Movie Review: Happy Feet

My dad and I took three of the girls, minus Dassi to see this movie.

The parts that I did see (when I wasn't ferrying either Michal or Shira to the toilet) were pretty impressive. The singing and dancing scenes were sensational and the bit where they fall off the top of an ice shelf and free-fall into the void below, was truly eye-popping. In the world of CGI animation, a new standard has been set because this film was visually breathtaking.

However, proceedings were seriously let down by a derivative story-line and rather awkward "message" (for a kids movie) about human interference in the penguins' Eco-system. I think my kids were too young to really appreciate the flick and they didn't get that much out of it. Parents of young children beware!

I recommend the movie, if only for the animation, soundtrack and astounding choreography.

Shame about the 'plot' though.

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