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Monday, 29 May 2006

World War Free Me

It’s true. “Work” is definitely a four letter word and if that four letter word happens to concern itself with another four letter word – kids, then another word immediately comes to mind – exhaustion.

I was naively led to believe that this week, I was on “holiday”. Having had the company of my wonderfully exuberant and energy-busting daughters for the last three days, I’m beginning to wonder whether school is that bad.

It is past seven p.m. and my little angels, though upstairs, show no sign whatsoever of calming down. My tolerance levels disappeared at around-about six o’ clock p.m. last Friday and I’m wondering if they’ll ever re-appear, from under that dense mass currently enveloping my nervous system.

The constant fighting, emotional nuking and general misbehaviour has worn me down to the extent that I’ve now found myself looking around eBay for the location of the nearest padded cell. Maybe I can check myself in for next week or so until I’m ready to return to school.


You’ve got to be kidding me


Tense Teacher said...

Why does it seem that we teachers can deal better with other children than with our own?
I only have one child, and I'm of much the same attitude as you, that sometimes being at school is easier than being at home.

The Y.M. said...

Ha ha ha. That is all about having children...and enjoying them, and keeping your cool, and spend lots of time occupying them etc..etc.. Thank G-d they are so lively and full of energy, that's week, when you try to control your school lot, you'll realise how "sweet and well behaved" your little ones really are. the Y.M.

Larrythelamb said...

if you dont want them, send them over to Uncle Lolly.


The Teacher said...

No disrespect, but I don't think I would send any kids over to a man who calls himself "Uncle Lolly"

Scary, Larry, scary.