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Wednesday, 10 May 2006

The Five Steps

Here are the five steps to employ, if you want to seriously piss off an IT teacher:
  1. Throw him out of his teaching room under the pretence that his computers need to be used for the “A Level” History Exam. The reasons why the students need computers to do this exam are still shrouded in mystery.

  2. Make arrangements for the said teacher to go to another room where there are no computers or an electronic whiteboard.

  3. Don’t tell the teacher of the room change in advance, so that the candidates show up and inform him that he’s being moved elsewhere.

  4. Don’t act surprised if the teacher, once he’s found out what’s going on,goes ballistic in front of most of the junior school. Then, make the situation worse by sticking him into a vastly inferior computer room where the ventilation consists of two windows, only one of which half opens - and do this when the weather is particularly humid and unpleasant.

  5. Ensure that of the twenty computers in the room, only ten have mice. Did I mention that there are twenty five students in the class?

I promise that if you carry out all of the above steps, in an identical order, you will seriously and I do mean seriously, piss your IT teacher off.

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