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Wednesday, 31 May 2006

The Authorised Crooks

There is something seriously wrong with this country.

Is it the fact that violent crime is (allegedly) soaring?
Could it be that a terrorist attack might be around the corner?
What will happen to all of us if we attack Iran?

No, ladies and gentlemen, it is none of the above.

In short, I’m being screwed. I have committed the cardinal sin of going over my bank overdraft limit by a sum that is a touch less than £3 (under $6) and so far, the bastards have taken £70 ($130) in “penalties”. The fact that one of the amounts they snatched came about as a result of their throwing me over the limit in the first place, only makes me feel even angrier. My bank are basically robbing me blind and I don’t know if there’s much I can do about it.

Dana was in a car accident last week (its ok, she’s fine), whereby a car hit her from behind and was then hit by another vehicle. As I understand it, there were 3-4 cars involved in this very mini pile-up.

Our insurance company agreed that we were not at fault and instructed their approved garage to repair the car. We were loaned a very nice Chrysler Voyager by the car rental people.

Today, the garage calls me up to tell me that the insurance is refusing to pay for the repair and is claiming that the car is a “write-off”. They have apparently instructed the breakers yard to pick the vehicle up for trashing. I have contacted the garage - who are understandably miffed by the insurance company’s response (we’re talking about a damaged bumper for G-d’s sake) -  as well as the insurance agents and put the trashing on hold. They are sending one of their “engineers” down tomorrow to look at the “wreck” and he’ll decide on the outcome.

In short, I am being ripped off by both the bank and the insurance company.

I used to be afraid of being robbed at home by some hooded thug.
In truth, I can lock my doors as securely as I like, because no matter what I do, I’m going to be screwed by “the establishment” anyway.

So much for being an honest, hard-working citizen eh?


buddha_girl said...

Bankers. Insurance agents...of all sorts. Many attorneys.

These people adore the 'challenge' of taking average people like us to the cleaners.

Such a shame. I hope things work out!

Paul said...

Sorry to hear about your problems.

I've finally come to realize that insurance companies of ANY kind are essentially government-sanctioned organized crime.