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Monday, 8 May 2006

Marking Time

The guilt finally got to me and I decided that I must do some marking before the kids go into the next academic year.

Ok, I’m exaggerating, but truth be told, I had let the marking go quiet for a little too long. I do remember the last time I blitzed the hundreds of folders that line the alcove in my room - I just can’t recall whether it concerned work from the last unit or the one I taught before it.

I could go down the totally masochistic route of bringing all the folders home and praying for some mythical creature to get them marked whilst I sleep. Instead I’ve decided to be sensible and so I’m only bringing home one class’s folders per night. Fortunately, there is enough interesting stuff on TV to stop me from ripping the work up through sheer frustration – although I have felt myself coming near.

What! you gasp in astonishment….teachers mark students’ work whilst watching TV? You betcha…and if I didn’t, I’d find myself climbing the walls.

So far, I’ve got three classes’ work up-to-date. To my amazement, I actually went back into school this afternoon after I had left for the day, to bring back another load of files. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it gave me the opportunity to see a cracking thriller called “Breakdown” whilst I marked Year 9’s oh so exciting pieces on Flow Charts (yes, it IS as boring as it sounds).

No matter. Tomorrow and Wednesday night will see me finishing off the Year 9’s (hopefully not literally) and then I can look forward to marking Year 7’s offerings… spreadsheets.

Oh joy.
I can hardly wait.

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Tense Teacher said...

When TV fails you (nothing worth watching is on), try putting on your iPod and grading. I find it especially good to put my "Mellow" playlist on...I tend to be kinder, and the students definitely appreciate that.