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Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Movie Review: Mission Impossible III

Having seen the first two movies, I came with the usual expectation for action, some sort of storyline and Tom Cruise being, well, Tom Cruise.

I have to say that I left the cinema feeling somewhat under-whelmed. Mission Impossible:3 resembled an extended episode of the TV show. Yes, it was a little more interesting because Ethan Hunt’s character showed a little more emotion than usual, but so what?

I think the film’s main weakness was the miscasting of Philip Seymour Hoffman as the villain. The character may have been mega-clever and sadistic, but he was totally bland. I like my villains to be full-bodied and slightly deranged - think Dennis Hopper (Speed) or John Malkovitch (In The Line Of Fire) or even the many incarnations of Blofeld in the Bond movies and you’ll know exactly was I mean. Hoffman came over as being quite a wimp especially in the scene when he was fighting with Tom Cruise. I mean, what kind of a boring death was that !!!

It’s also worth keeping in mind that I am a huge Bond fan and so any imitations will obviously never quite match a 007 movie.

The best thing about it was the fab music which garners it an extra point.

Teacher’s Recommendation: Wait six months and get the DVD unless you like watching your M:I movies on the big screen.


Teacher’s Rating: 2/5

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