All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Monday, 29 May 2006

The Slave...And The Master

For the last forty eight hours or so, I have been a slave to my computer.
After religiously adding program after program and mercilessly lashing the poor “C” drive with new/old/uninstalled/re-installed applications over the last three years, the poor thing finally gave up the ghost and starting behaving rather strangely.

I foolishly, nay, naively, thought I could fix the problems with a mere repair job, but the machine was having none of that. In the end, I gave into the inevitable and reformatted the disk, in the vain hope that the fifteen backup disks I’ve amassed over the time will contain everything I could ever wish to reinstall “should the doomsday situation arise”.

So far, so good. I’m being a good boy now and only reinstalling the software that I really need. It’s amazing how much gunk you amass over the years, thinking that you’ll need it. Actually I don’t and the machine is keeping up its part of the bargain by behaving frighteningly well. Of course, I know that no sooner have a posted this than the temptation to misbehave (we’re talking about both of us here) will overcome our sense of fairness.

I’ve been the slave for too long. It’s to regain my place as the master.

As they say, power corrupts….and don’t I know it.

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