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Monday, 15 May 2006

Silly Games

I’ve noticed a funny aspect of human behaviour that I have yet to work out.

Why is it that some people never tell you when you’ve upset them? They just go down the route of ignoring your phone calls and emails, believing that you will know exactly why they are behaving the way they are. The fact that you really don’t know what it is you’ve done, seems to be beside the point.

I can think of two people who are totally ignoring me right now and I don’t really know why. Is it something I said or did, or didn’t do? Here I am, writing emails and not getting a reply. In a similar vein, I leave messages on voicemails and return phone calls don’t come.

I have sadly but I believe wisely come to the conclusion that life is just too short to worry about people who behave in such a petty manner. If someone is angry/upset/disappointed with you and you have no way of knowing the reason – what is the point in trying to find out?

Life is teaching me that real friendships are those where people can talk and argue and yes, finish off by making up. As for the rest, let them go and find some other friends to frustrate.

I’m not playing these silly games anymore.


Tense Teacher said...

I just recently had this conversation with my husband. My best friend from my teenage years hasn't spoken to me in about 2 years now, and I have no idea why. She's done this to me in the past, and I've always welcomed her back into my life with open arms. But I'm 32 years old now, and I have no time for "friendships" in which one person doesn't respect the other person enough to let her know what's going on.
I feel your angst. And, as you said, life's too short.

The Teacher said...

It's good to know that I'm not the only one feels this way.

Larrythelamb said...

hope it isnt me who is ignoring you...... if it isnt, it can be arranged.


The Teacher said...

Larry, I'd write a reply, but you probably won't bother reading it...