All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Sunday, 5 February 2006

A Well Needed Rest.

Today, I am thanking G-d that I am an Orthodox Jew. After a week like the one that finished on Friday, I was in serious need of R&R. The arrival of the Sabbath forced me to disengage myself from the turmoil that filled my mind and take a break from all matters linked to school.

I took advantage of the day and let my mind detox over the twenty five hour period. True, it wasn’t that easy to unwind and I was still thinking about the week at five o’ clock yesterday morning, but with the continued presence of the Sabbath, I started to relax and remember that there is a life outside school.

When the Sabbath went out I started on the unenviable task of grading about a hundred kid’s folders. I managed to get through marking one class-worth of kid’s work last night and finished off the rest this morning and now it’s done, I need to start preparing my lessons for the week.

I don’t really like these marathon marking sessions and I should probably think of a better way to get them sorted out, but the nature of the subject I teach means that we tend to mark a lot in batches.

This evening we have a quiz supper at the girls’ school. We sat on the winning table for two years in a row, so I am definitely a man on a mission. The only downside is that I will need to spend most the day doing the work that I tend to leave until early Sunday evenings.

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