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Monday, 20 February 2006

Teaching By Expulsion.

I was back at school after the half-term break. The kids were eerily calm. Should I complain, or just enjoy it, before they realise that the holiday’s over and we teachers are there for a reason, other than just greeting them and asking how their holiday went.

One particularly obnoxious kid (whom I don’t teach) has finally been expelled and one could see visible relief on the face of some of the teachers when this expulsion was announced at the early morning staff meeting. On this very subject, I am currently compiling a list of other kids I want to see going the same way, but I don’t know what the odds of success are.

Aren’t we teachers a nasty lot?!

Just think about it this way – we are human beings and we do need to get our revenge against some of the truly horrific kids in some way or another. At least the little so and so’s live another day – and then make some other teachers’ lives (in a far away school) as miserable as possible. Then again, those very same teachers might have smiled when they heard that another kid had been sent from their school to ours.

I guess some parts of teaching do come under the “dog eat dog” banner, after all.


Tense Teacher said...

Can't tell you how many often I say the same thing (We are human, too!); you should see my list.

As always... Rachael said...

Maybe if the kids get kicked out of enough schools the parents would be forced to hire a private tutor. Maybe forking over some cash would inspire them to control their monsters in a way that only parents can. Teachers shouldn't have to deal with little heathens whose parents failed to teach them the basics of decency and respect!