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Sunday, 19 February 2006

The Case For "The Moderate".

The new Palestinian Prime Minister, a Hamas terrorist called Ismail Haniyeh is being described as a “moderate or a pragmatist” by the western media.

Can someone please explain how this person can be a ‘moderate’ when, in response to a question about whether Hamas would give up the armed struggle (at the time when Israel was leaving Gaza), he stated:

We should protect the resistance option and the resistance weapons...these weapons liberated the land and by these weapons, we will continue the liberation process."

Very pragmatic indeed.

Let’s give him another chance and look at another of his pronouncements (from 23rd July 2002)

“Anyone who dreams of so-called peace is mistaken. There is nothing called ‘peace with Israel.”

Moderate? Hmmm.

I really must not be too harsh, I mean, surely the media wouldn’t lie about this mild mannered ‘freedom fighter’ would they?

I’ll tell you what. Let’s give him one more chance to prove his credentials as someone with whom Israel can negotiate. Let the moderate prove himself through his spoken words:

“At the beginning of February, Haniyeh asked the EU to understand the "Palestinian reality" and not ask Hamas to disarm. Doing so would "increase the suffering of our people who are looking for freedom, right of [refugee] return, and independence," he said. “

Ah, I get it. This guy wants peace and independence….and the right to have his people walking around armed to the teeth. Yes, this man really wants to foster a peaceful relationship with his neighbours, doesn’t he?

Your Honour, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, having reviewed the aforementioned evidence, I have come to this conclusion:

If this guy is a ‘moderate/pragmatist’, I’d hate to think what the media would call a ‘radical’.

Case closed.

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