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Thursday, 8 February 2007

Wash 'n' Go

Shira (bless her) felt the need to put the birthday present I got from my parents, into the washing machine. After a long search (and an even longer washing cycle), I found a very clean but totally screwed Casio 8.1 megapixel digital camera in the damp bundle of clothes.

I thought of putting it into the dryer, but there's only so much thrashing I will let Bosch do to my electricals. Trust the Germans to create such a destructive piece of equipment!

The good news is that the insurance company will pay for a replacement, but unfortunately, I have a slight excess and I won't be able to take the camera to Israel as I hoped.

Message to self: Don't leave anything breakable within reach of tiny little fingers because right now, the washing machine and I are not at all on talking terms.

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