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Sunday, 25 February 2007

Movie Review: Notes On A Scandal

I didn't pay much attention to this film until I found out that it was set in a high school - a feature which you will understand, piqued my curiosity.

I also won't give away any of the plot, at the risk of spoiling what is nothing short of a superb movie. Dame Judi Dench chews the scenery as though her life depended on it and Cate Blanchett isn't far behind in the acting stakes. In fact, the entire cast is uniformly first rate.

Patrick Marber's smart, funny script bristles along, unfolding Zoe Heller's novel in a compelling and mesmerising manner. In fact, I would give this movie a full five star rating were it not for Philip Glass's frequently overbearing score which provides unnecessary melodrama, hindering rather than enhancing the pretty intense storyline.

Aside from this little discrepancy, Notes On A Scandal is a must see movie and I guarantee that you will be glued to the screen for the entire 92 minutes running time (ok, maybe 82, granted the end credits).

Don't miss.

**** 1/2 (sorry Phil)

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