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Thursday, 8 February 2007

One, Two, Buckle My Foot

Yesterday morning, I was getting dressed in our bedroom when I found myself accidentally stepping on one the girls' upturned belt buckles. The prong, which was of the fixed variety (i.e. cast and not movable) went 90 degrees into the fleshy part of my heel, to the extent that the buckle itself was flush with my foot.

Next thing I knew, I was on my knees screaming "ow", knowing full well that the pain would get worse as I went about extracting the damn thing.

I wasn't wrong.

Fortunately, as with most puncture wounds, there was very little blood.

Enough of the gory stuff.

Dana insisted that I go to the Accident and Emergency (Or the ER as you Yanks call it) for a tetanus shot. Knowing that this would get me out of teaching my horrendous Year 8 and 9 classes (G-d I'm cruel), I didn't argue too much.

Fast forward an hour and I've been to the local hospital, who don't have a A&E department any more (growl) and I'm on my way to a nearby hospital who do. Fortunately, the waiting list wasn't too bad as I was fifth and the others obviously had far less important conditions (I'm being ironic BTW).

The doctor then informed me that I wouldn't just be getting a tetanus shot....oh no(!)....they would adminster a combined tetanus, polio and diptheria number. I was then given a jab in the right thigh.

It is twenty four hours and I'm in pain.
The problem is that it's the thigh that's hurting far more than the foot.

Then again, my friend told me that I've been vaccinated against biological warfare. I wish I felt more comforted.

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