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Monday, 5 February 2007

I've Recovered (Just About)

I know, I know. I appreciate that I didn't exactly leave you in too good a state after my last posting. I mean, a condom on a keyboard - what could I possibly write that could top that?


So I gave it a few days to cleanse myself of the disgust I felt and had quite a pleasant weekend. On Motzei Shabbat (Saturday night), we were invited over to D and S's house for a Tu Bishvat musical evening. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a babysitter, so I went solo. Our friend M was also there with his charming wife and the three of us (D, M and I) had a rollicking evening - with D on guitar (he's a phoenomenal player) , M performing fabulously on keyboards and yours truly alternating between keyboards and guitar and yes, I am showing off.

With the ladies singing along, we played our way through a catalogue of songs, ranging from the good ole Beatles, through Cat Stevens and even encompassing Led Zeppelin. It's a real shame that Dana couldn't attend. I think she would have loved it.

Yesterday, I went out and got my brand new phone, my first ever pocket pc. It's an absolute beauty. You will also be relieved to know that I have insured it, granted that the kids in my school have fantastically light fingers. Truth be told, I am keeping it safe in my staff room locker and only taking it out at breaks to check my emails (stop showing off, Teach).

So that's about it, except for my growing anticipation at leaving these forlorn shores for the sunny beaches of Eilat in less than a week. I doubt I will be posting anything during the trip (I don't think I'll have access to a pc, which is not necessarily a bad thing) - so I suppose I should be adding a few more entries in advance to compensate (what is it about blogs that they make you feel guilty if you don't update them?!).

Anyway, no condoms recently, so I suppose you could call it "a good day."

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