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Monday, 23 October 2006

Shredding The Master

I've joined the forum on the Paul McCartney website and left a few messages of support.

I'm sure that some of the information coming out from the other side does have a ring of truth, but I find it impossible to believe that the man who wrote No More Lonely Nights, And I Love Her, Here, There and Everywhere or All My Loving was going around attacking his wife with a broken bottle or pushing her (whilst pregnant) into the bath.

The assertion that he made her walk on her hands and knees up a staircase doesn't make sense when you consider that he's spent the last five years or so campaigning for the abolition of (leg demolishing) landmines.

Paul McCartney is no saint (is anyone?) but at this time in his life, he really shouldn't have to be dealing with all this crap. He is Paul McCartney, one quarter of a band whose motto was "All You Need Is Love" and the idea that he did all those things to his wife is frankly ludicrous.

I hope this sorry affair can be sorted out as soon as possible so that he can concentrate on what he does best - creating beautiful music.

The sooner he's rid of her, the happier we will all be.

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