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Thursday, 5 October 2006

Off Duty

It has emerged that a Muslim policeman has asked to be removed from a job where he was guarding the Israeli embassy in London. Apparently, he has relatives in Lebanon and Syria and he's afraid of what they might think (or d0) if they find out what he's doing. He also objected to the Lebanon war (not the bombing of innocent Israelis of course - that would be asking too much wouldn't it?) .

So, let me get this right. A British citizen, employed by the British State is refusing a job because of personal ideology and belief. So, what will he do if he's on the beat and he witnesses an anti-Semitic attack by a bunch of Muslim youths on a Jewish kid (Israeli or not)? Whose side will he take?

I think this arsehole should be kicked off the police force ASAP. Whether you are a policeman or a Doctor, or dammit, a teacher, you must rise above ethnic tensions and do your job efficiently and professionally.

I don't want this man guarding the Israeli embassy. I also don't want him having anything whatsoever to do with the Jewish community. We need to know that the people in whom we put our trust and safety, have the professional ability to rise above any prejudice, irrespective of where his or her loyalties (or family) lie.

The Police Service is carrying out an internal investigation into this matter - watch this space.

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