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Tuesday, 10 October 2006

The Glowing North

Is anyone out there not worried about the latest news from North Korea? More importantly, is there anything at all we can do about it?

These are scary times.

Iran, without a doubt, looked on with glee as North Korea allegedly fired its first nuclear missile (or maybe not, if you believe the latest from CNN) - in the face of world opposition. What the UN Security Council does next is therefore crucial to how our futures will be shaped.

North Korea must, and I repeat must be severely penalised for carrying out this terrifying act (irrespective of the outcome). Whether this takes the form of even more sanctions, or indeed military action (in whatever shape), the West cannot let the NK's get away with this act.

If we cowtow to them, we are giving the message that rogue states can operate in any way they wish, irrespective of how dangerous their actions might be.

Hamanejad...take note.

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