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Monday, 2 October 2006

The Amish And Yom Kippur

Well, I did the fast, got a thumping headache and drank four cups of tea when I broke it at 7.42 pm

However, my day pales into insignificance when I heard what happened to those poor Amish kids. I mean, what the hell is the world coming to, when a community as peaceful and pure as the Amish are subjected to this kind of cold blooded murder?

Yom Kippur, our day of atonement may be over, but looking at the behaviour of some people in the rest of the world, I strongly believe that other faiths need to instigate their own version of our holy day.

Amish kids lined up and killed in cold blood?

Oh my G-D.

A line was crossed today and now, we, the human beings who control this earth are in deep, deep shit.


Tense Teacher said...

You are absolutely right.

Nothing is sacred anymore; I would even venture to say that most people don't know what the word "sacred" means.

The Teacher said...

Too true.