All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Monday, 10 April 2006

Two Days And Counting

Two days to go and the kitchen looks as though it’s been fitted into a spaceship. All the surfaces are covered in silver foil, there are boxes of strange shapes and sizes everywhere and the house I thought I lived in, looks unrecognizable.

I’m so stressed out that I was musing whether or not we should have left Egypt in the first place. When I made this thought public to an old school friend of mine who is a Rabbi, he didn’t seem too amused.

I’ve had a haircut and all I will say about it is that Dana is going to spend the next two weeks take the piss out of my new, very short look.

The groceries have been bought, way too much money has been spent and thoughts of school are a very long way off.

The festival starts on Wednesday night and I hope I’ll make it there with my sanity intact.

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Bradbox said...

Your hair isn't short! My hair is short...