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Tuesday, 25 April 2006

An Evening With Nick

Dana and I have just returned from a very enjoyable evening spent in the company of a well known UK Radio presenter called Nick Ferrari. I had bought her tickets for her birthday,as she really enjoys listening to his weekday morning broadcasts on the radio.

The show was ostensibly an excuse for him to plug his new book, of which we bought a copy and had personally signed by the man himself.

For those of you who don't know Nick (we're on personal terms, don't you know), he's a larger than life character who possesses a great sense of humour, a high level of intelligence and a wonderfully rich voice. I listen to his show on almost daily basis, as I drive to work and indeed told him that I found that his frequent comments on the state of education and teaching in this country as "hitting the nail on the head". Dana told him she listens because she likes his voice - he replied that he'd try not to lose it!

We sat there, in a packed auditorium as he regaled us with stories of his experiences in the media and on holiday (including a hilarious story of what happened when he went horse riding in had to be there to appreciate it), in addition to giving his opinions on more weighty issues such as the state of politics in this country and the sorry manner in which pensioners are being treated by a Government that he has little time for.

We saw some of the regular callers to the show (yup, this was bordering a touch on the cultish, but who cares) and had a great laugh when he set up a quiz between two elderly ladies. To be sure, we were one of the younger couples there, but it was a real treat to spend some time in the company of a very charismatic and charming individual.

It was an refreshingly informal and thoroughly enjoyable evening.

If you are interested in listening to his show, you can also catch it on the internet on the aforementioned link.

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