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Friday, 21 April 2006

It's Over!!

The last few days of Pesach have been very pleasant. We were invited out to friends on both afternoons and it really made a difference. Aside from the fact that the people who invited us were extremely welcoming and hospitable, the kids had a chance to play, get out of our house and end off the festival in a wonderfully jovial manner.

Dana went through the countless boxes of pans, crockery etc and got rid of at least half. I can't believe that we managed the changeover last night (back to everyday plates and kitchen stuff) in less than an hour and I ended up returning less than ten boxes back to the attic.

If you've celebrated Pesach, you will know exactly what I am talking about....if you haven't...thanks for popping by, have a nice day and think about the countless Jews in the world, who will be eating their first piece of bread/pasta/pizza in ten days.

If you are an Israeli (who finished the festival a day early)...stop laughing!

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