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Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Seems Like Old Times

Last night’s Sheva Brachot dinner was wonderful. There we were, the gang from ten years ago, sitting and laughing the night away. Dana said she couldn’t believe that nearly all of us were now married parents – it felt as though we’d never changed or aged.

One of the husbands and I provided the music. I got my supadupa Yamaha synthesizer down from the attic, reminded myself how it worked and got some good grooves going whilst my friend dazzled all present with his amazing guitar licks. We made our way through rock ‘n’ roll standards (Johnny B Goode, Blue Suede Shoes), R’n’B, pop (a very fetching Eternal Flame) and Jewish melodies. I also had the chance to play his electric guitar, the first time I’ve picked one up in probably a decade. Man I sounded good!

The downside is that my sleep average didn’t get any higher. Thank G-d I’m home tonight and if I make it past 9.30 awake, I will astound myself as to any stamina that I thought would have evaporated about two days ago. Saying that, my classes have been surprisingly well behaved so far (I probably shouldn’t have written that, let alone thought it) which makes me wonder how soon I will all be hit by the inevitable “storm” as the kids come out of holiday time and realise that they’re stuck with me until next July.

Midweek… and I’m chilled - dog-tired, but chilled nevertheless.

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The Y.M. said...

Enjoyed every of your latest blog...You and Dana should always go to paties, and Simchas!!amen
The Y.M.