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Friday, 9 September 2005

I've Made It

It’s Friday and I’ve made it to the end of the week. To be fair, the kids haven’t been particularly difficult (in the main) although I have had to clamp down on some rowdier elements.

Today, I taught a Year 10 class who thought they could do what they wanted in my classroom. I soon put them right and told them in no uncertain terms that they “don’t want to get on the wrong side of me” and that I strongly advise them not to “mess me about”. You could have heard a pin drop after I’d finished my rant.

It’s moments like that which remind me how satisfying it can be to teach. Needless to say, the rest of the lesson went by extremely smoothly, discipline-wise.

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As always... Rachael said...

Goodness sakes I'm so jealous! I can make adults who act stupid feel awkward and apologize... but kids are tougher! They have that "invincioble" feeling that only the youth can embody.

Reading your abbbreviated speech, made me wonder what I would say if some kids were trying to yank my chain. I fell into a reverie... because I kick ass in my own head!

You probably thought you were just telling a short tale about your first week atr school... but you're unlikely to imagine how thought-provoking and inspiring those three short paragraphs were for me, as a reader.

Like I said, you're a natural teacher... yoiu teach me things about myself without even trying. Natural!

Way to embrace your destiny!