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Sunday, 11 September 2005

The Fourth Day

Four years on and is the world a safer place?

Whatever the factors that led to the bombing of the WTC, one thing and one thing only matters – innocent men and women were butchered. Children lost their fathers and mothers and the NYFD became an instant legend.

I lost two distant relatives on that horrific day – one in the WTC and the other on the plane that crashed into the field. The heroics exhibited by people like you and me is truly astonishing, whether it be the passengers who tried to overcome the terrorists or the firemen who went into the blazing towers, never to come out alive.

I could write reams about how I feel about the attack, but sometimes, silence is all that is necessary to convey one’s feelings.

G-d bless America and the freedom it stands for and may He give solace to the many thousands of people who will be crying bitterly over the next few days, remembering this excruciatingly painful reminder of the evil that exists in some people minds.

Let us pray that the next three hundred and sixty five days help to ease some of this pain.



fsgsf said...

Yes, we must continue to pray that this world continues to be a safe( sorta) place!


NJ from NJ

As always... Rachael said...

very touching post, Mr Teacher. I'm sorry for your loss and all the loss. I'm sorry for the racism and suspicion that the tragedy has spawned. Words that I haven't heard in years... rag-head, sand-nigger... are suddenly more acceptable... but not to me.

I refuse to let a bad apple spoil the bunch. Maybe that makes me naive... but I can't convince myself to dismiss such hatred. It is just as wrong as the initial attack. It is just as illogical.