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Monday, 12 September 2005

Mere Coincidence?

There follows some striking similarities between the Gaza disengagement and Hurricane Katrina. You decide if these are mere coincidences.

- Close to 10,000 Jews were expelled from their homes in the Gaza Strip and parts of northern Samaria. Katrina's death toll is now expected to reach at least 10,000.

- America 's population ratio to Israel is about 50:1. Ten thousand Jews who lost their Gaza homes is the equivalent of about 500,000 Americans who are now reported to be displaced as result of Katrina.

- Gaza's Jewish communities were located in Israel 's southern coastal region; America 's southern coastal region now lies in ruins.

- The U.S. government called on Louisiana residents to evacuate their homes ahead of the storm. The Israeli government, backed by statements from U.S. officials, demanded Gaza residents evacuate their homes.

- Katrina, written in Hebrew, has a numerical equivalent of 374, according to a biblical numbering system upheld by all traditional Jewish authorities. Two relevant passages in the Torah share the exact numerical equivalent: "They have done you evil" (Gen. 50:17) and "The sea upon land" (Exodus 14:15 ).

- Bush, from Texas and Rice, from Alabama, were the most vocal U.S.backers of the Gaza evacuation. Hurricane Katrina hit the states in between Texas and Alabama – Louisiana and Mississippi.

- Similarity in scenes: Many residents of Jewish Gaza climbed to their rooftops to escape the threat of expulsion, while residents of the Gulf Coast climbed on their own rooftops to protect themselves from the rising waters.

- Jewish Gaza homes described as beautiful and charming were demolished this week by Israel 's military. Once beautiful homes in New Orleans now lie in ruins.

- The day Katrina hit, Israel began carrying out what was termed the most controversial aspect of the Gaza withdrawal – the uprooting of bodies from the area's Jewish cemetery. There have been media reports of corpses floating around in flooded New Orleans regions.

- Citizens of Israel were barred from entering Gush Katif; people were only allowed to leave Jewish Gaza. As Katrina was making landfall U.S.authorities barred citizens from entering the affected areas. People were only allowed out.

- Gush Katif was an important agricultural area for Israel , providing the Jewish state with 70 percent of its produce. A New Orleans port that exported much of the Midwest's agricultural production was destroyed by Katrina.

Mere coincidences?


Larrythelamb said...

Numbers Numbers Numbers:

Hayley drove me to Birmingham today and the journey was 124 miles, and when I drove back, it was 124 miles.........


As always... Rachael said...

Yep - it's coincidence. I love math, but I don't believe in numerology, no matter which religion is backing it.

Katrina was a natural disaster, and Gaza was people-inspired.

Sorry, but I'm not with you on this one...

The Teacher said...

For the record, I did not state whether or not I believed that these were coincidental...I just posed a question that I've heard a number of people asking (i.e. I didn't make this stuff up).

One thing though Rachael, if you do believe in G-d, who do you think controls the weather?

fsgsf said...

I dont know why people continue to waste time on formulating this stuff!! If you put your mind to it, you can come up with similarities in any 2 situations!!

It is not even coincidence!


NJ from NJ