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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

This Is Hilarious

In an odd twist to this story, World Net Daily reported that Aaron Klein, a terrorism author and expert, contacted several men he described as Palestinian terrorists and was said to have found not one of them had heard of Paul McCartney.

Klein, WorldNetDaily's Jerusalem bureau chief and author of the book "Schmoozing with Terrorists," even sang Beatle songs, including "Yesterday," "Let It Be" and "She Loves You" to them, but even those didn't help. Abu Ahmed, said to be a senior leader of Islamic Jihad in Gaza, reportedly told Klein, "We don't know these Beatles." They had, however, heard of Britney Spears and Madonna. In fact, Abdel-Al had threatened to "cut the heads" of Madonna and Spears for spreading Satanic culture.

As as adjunct, Dana thinks that Paul McCartney shouldn't be told because he'd be more upset if he knew the terrorists had never heard of him, as opposed to knowing of any plans they might have to bump him off!

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