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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Ramon's Insult

I think it should be clear that my political views vis a vis Israel are not exactly what one would call "left wing". Then again, I certainly wouldn't want to ally myself with anyone from the right who believes in going around shooting Arabs.

So I suppose I'm stuck somewhere in the middle, or probably to the right of centre. I support the Jewish Settlers in their ideals to live in whichever part of Israel they choose to do so. I don't however agree with the actions of some of the hotheads who go out of their way to antagonise their Palestinian neighbours. I also strongly believe that places like Hebron must always remain in Jewish hands, irrespective of whether the UN or anyone else for that matter agrees with it or not.

I write this in light of (Vice Premier) Haim Ramon's evacuation-compensation bill which offers to pay off the Settlers to the tune of 1.1 million shekels (nearly £170,180) per family, on the condition that they voluntarily agree to move to the Negev or Galilee (with extra incentives for the latter).

If I were a settler, I would find such an offer extraordinarily insulting. These people risk their lives on a daily basis to follow their ideal. Yes, there are those who moved the settlements for economic reasons, but I'd like to believe that the vast majority aren't in it for the money.

Jewish ministers offering bribes to Jewish settlers to move out is both insulting and degrading to all concerned and Ramon, frankly should be thoroughly ashamed of his actions.

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