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Friday, 26 September 2008

The Reason Why We LOVE The Beatles

One of the key reasons why I (and I suspect many others) admire the Beatles and their music so much is due to the group's totally non-cynical and genuine desire to spread the message of love to the world.

This is not a new desire, granted that the Torah tells us to "love our neighbour/friend (in the same way) as we love ourselves" - an ideal that preceded the Beatles by only a mere three thousand years.

A cursory glance at the Beatles' songs verifies the fact - Love Me Do, She Loves You, All My Loving, Can't Buy Me Love, Love You To, All You Need Is Love testify to the fact. Let's also not forget that the Word was indeed "Love"!

What better a message could anyone give out to the world?

Paul McCartney's trip to Israel, besides being the catalyst for some rare good news emanating from the country (that's another one we owe you Paul) was all about spreading the message of love and tolerance. He managed, in his own way to assuage the critics and pacify both Jew and Arab by spending his free time visiting Palestinian children in a music school, praying for peace and then rocking the Jewish (and Muslim for that matter) population in Tel Aviv.

What Israel needs right now is a factory that produces clones of Paul McCartney on an hourly basis. He proved that love and music can achieve so much more than words or sadly bombs.

I love the Beatles and I'll tell you something, the older I get, the more grateful I am that I've been given the chance to do my little bit to promote their music and message to the next generation. If all I'll be remembered for is being a Beatles' freak, then I've achieved no mean feat.

It is after all a badge that I wear with an immense amount of pride.

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