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Sunday, 6 July 2008

The Travelling Teacher

One of the more interesting aspects of my job that I hadn't anticipated when I signed up was the notion of travelling.

I mean, who would think that something as sedentary as teaching, where in effect, your classroom is your office, could send you on adventures in places you'd never thought of visiting, let alone finding yourself there.

Last year, as you may recall, I travelled with the Year 7s to Disneyland Paris. It was an unforgettable trip (probably because it was my first) and I didn't think I'd be off again so soon.

My Head of Department approached me on Tuesday, asking if I could go to Telford, to undertake some training for the ever changing sixth form curriculum. I didn't think twice and so, on Wednesday night, I made my way up the M1 and M6 to Telford, a little town in the north west of England, whose reputation is mainly derived from being the location of the world's very first iron bridge. It is also the site of the very interesting and quite unique Thomas Telford School.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the experience. The training, by the OCR exam board was great, as was the opportunity to walk around the school.

You're probably thinking that I've had my trip for the year.

Uh uh! No no no!

On Wednesday and Thursday, I will going up the M1 yet again, this time to accompany a group of Year 10s who will be attending an event in.....can you guess?????????

No, not Telford.

You won't believe it....but Liverpool! How could I resist the request when asked? It's been nearly a year since I've headed in that direction and I was already starting to get withdrawal symptoms. Yes folks, I'm going back to the 'Pool. If that's not enough, I'm there again at the end of August.

It's at times like these when I really enjoy being a teacher.
Not least because I'm going to be on holiday in two weeks!

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