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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

At Last Olmert Does Something Right!

Olmert has finally managed to do something right in his role as Prime Minister of the State of Israel -he's announced that he will be resigning as head of the party (and by extension, country) as soon as Kadimah elects a new leader.

In his televised speech, he had the chutzpah to complain that the Israelis had become a "nation of grumblers who complain in almost every situation".

Grumbers eh? How dare the inhabitants of Sderot complain as they are being shelled continuously whilst their leader does bugger all to sort the problem out?

Can you blame the Israelis for "grumbling"?
If I had this schmuck running my country, I'd also be pretty pissed off.

Goodbye Olmert. Don't bother switching the lights off because we need them to focus on someone who will be both an asset to the State of Israel and the Jewish people - and to be brutally honest, at present those lights are shining pretty damn dimly.

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