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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Israel's Worst Leader

I'm going to say it.

In my opinion (and I'm sure I speak for many), Ehud Olmert holds the dubious honour of being Israel's worst leader.

His grotesque manhandling of 2006 Lebanon was an unbridled failure (although to be fair, he isn't wholly to blame - the then Chief of Staff is pretty culpable too) which he has managed to equal in the way he ineptly presided over the prisoner swap last week.

I fully respect the ideal of doing everything in our power to get our boys back, but why did Olmert agree to do so at the expense of not furthering his one and only chance to find out what happened to Ron Arad? He even admitted that the Hezbollah report was inadequate. So why go ahead with the swap. As far as I have read, the Israeli Government knew that the boys were already dead - although they chose not to share this information with the desparate families.

And why was that terrorist Kuntar released when Gilad Schalit is still languishing in the barbaric hands of Hamas? What will be the price of getting him back alive?

How much more damage is Olmert going to do to our country, before we finally manage to give the leadership to someone who is competent enough to carry out the job?

I love Israel deeply and it's breaking my heart to see it being led by this excuse for a Prime Minister.

He must go.


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