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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Get Real, Obama

There are numerous lessons from history that need to be learned.

Firstly, you don't do deals with terrorists. Israel pay note.

Secondly, you don't hold talks with homocidal dictators. Hitler was not someone who would be receptive to any sort of communication. He mocked Neville Chamberlain and his "peace in our time" document. If Obama honestly thinks that talking to a maniac like Ahmedinejad will stop him nuking anyone he dislikes, he must either be extraordinarily naive (which I'll give him, granted his lack of experience in the field) or plain stupid (which we know he isn't - so I'll opt for number one)

Listen Barack. Listen to history. Listen to the people who know. You are wasting your time suggesting talks with Iran. Ahmadinejad will talk the talk and play the game, but he'll be laughing at you behind your back. Iran is not interested in carrots and sticks. They are hell bent on developing nuclear weapons irrespective of what anyone thinks.

It's a non starter, so give it up and yes, talk to him in the only language he understands - and it ain't negotiations.

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