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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Liverpool Bound (Again)

I don't know how I managed to wrangle it, but I'm off to Liverpool again tomorrow for a two day trip. My excuse this time (like I need one, eh?) is that I'm accompanying a group of Year 10's, who are taking part in a contest. Ironically, I/we will be staying in the heart of the Jewish area of Childwall, but I don't think I'm going to get much of a chance to meet up with the community this time around.

I honestly don't care! It was an excuse to return to my beloved Liverpool once again and I wasn't about to miss the chance. Then again, maybe I'm being a touch greedy as I will be going up again next month, accompanied by my mother and the two eldest girls.

Come to think of it, I was only about 60 miles from my destination last Thursday. It was tempting to go up (not that I really considered it), granted that I knew I'd be driving around the same roads in less than a week. It's funny how I've suddenly developed into a long distance driver (when compared to the amounts of road I used to cover) in the last few years.

This promises to be a pretty interesting trip....and we get to have a tour around the city too (and no, I won't be the guide).

Liverpool, the European City of Culture 2008 beckons. I didn't think I would get there before the summer holidays.

Who'd had thought that teaching would afford me the opportunity to visit the city again, albeit on a totally different agenda?

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