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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

This Is MY City

Tonight and tomorrow, we are celebrating the miraculous return of our holy city, Jerusalem to Jewish hands - forty years ago (according the Hebrew date).

I really don't think that people who are not of the faith can really appreciate how important this event was and is, to us. Our whole religion is built around the concept of placing Jerusalem at the centre of our lives. Every time we pray, we pray towards Jerusalem. Every time we recite the Grace After Meals, we ask G-d to rebuild Jerusalem. We fast for Jerusalem three times a years and think of her every single time we attend a wedding. Jerusalem is positively buried into our psyche as Jews.

I am absolutely delighted to be celebrating this very special occasion. In truth, although we are now remembering what happened forty years ago, we know that our 3000+ years of connection with the Holy City means much more than just raising a glass of wine for a l'chaim. Tomorrow, after the festivities are over and the confetti has been cleaned away, Jerusalem will still be ours and we will still point to her on the map that is interwoven into our hearts.

With this in mind, I want to categorically state that I really don't give a damn whether or not others do or not recognise our sovereignty over the city. I couldn't care less if the rest of the world has a "problem" with Jerusalem being our capital - I know what I know.

Sixty years ago, the very same world also didn't give a damn about my grandparents generation as they watched them "sympathetically" being exterminated by the Nazis.

Chag Sameach - a happy holiday to all those who share this special day with us and thank the Good Lord for finally returning our capital to us, after nearly two thousand years.

And to the rest of you who have a problem with our city?

Deal with it.

Jerusalem is ours and it will always be.

Whether or not you like it.

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Gary said...

I like your attitude. Could not agree more if I tried.