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Friday, 11 May 2007

The Decade Is Over

It is the end of an era. Tony Blair, the only Prime Minister my four daughters have ever known, has finally announced his resignation.

It's over.

I'm not going to give a great valedictory speech and praise him to the high heavens, but I do like the man and in the most, I do back his policies. I believe him to be a man of his word - as much as any politician can be. Then again, with all the spin, one is never too sure of what the truth is anymore.

Tony Blair has been the best friend Israel, and by extension, the Jewish People has ever had at Number 10 Downing Street. His genuine admiration for my brethren has not gone unnoticed by any of us who realise the loss we are going to be facing when he vacates his office (yes, yes, I know he lives at number 11...but let's not get too literate here)

Farewell Mr Blair. We bless you and thank you for your friendship and support. You stuck your head out for Israel, when all of the country told you to put it back and for that, we shall never forget you.

PS. Can you have a word with Gordon and tell him to be "just as nice"?

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