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Sunday, 6 May 2007

Dead Lines (and yes, this is a pun, not a typo)

You can't fail to have noticed that I have been very quiet of late. If you're a teacher, you've probably guessed that its because I'm overwhelmed with marking coursework and getting it in by the deadline - and you're right!

Well, sort of.

It is no so much a case of marking the coursework than getting the damn thing in. My Year 11's have stayed true to form (like their compatriots in probably every other school in the country) and been reticent to the point of obsessive in refusing to hand it in. I have therefore instituted a deadline that pretty much makes it clear what the stakes are if they don't hand their gems of study (lol) in to me by a certain date.

The Jury is still out on whether or not my strategy will or will not work.

What I can be sure of, is that this little corner of cyberspace will remain pretty desolate over the next week or so and for that, I do apologise....but don't regret.

Please keep coming back and checking up - I haven't forgotten you and will be writing back soon.

I promise!

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