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Sunday, 4 December 2005

Movie Review: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

I am going to start this review with a warning: This is not a kid's movie, rather, it is not the kind of movie you would take young children to. My girls loved the first three films, but they are going to have to wait quite a while until I let them see this one, as it contains the stuff of nightmares. In short, this is a very dark film indeed, with very little light relief.

On the plus side, you have a meaty story, excellent characterisation, genuine thrills and pretty gloomy photography (no doubt keeping in with the spirit of the film).

Daniel Radcliffe positively shines as Harry although I wonder if he's ever going to get past the stereotyping. The others are in fine form too, particularly the guy with the huge eye (see the movie and you'll understand) even if he does come over as a little too over-stated at times. The special effects are amazing as ever and the story never lets up - quite a feat for a movie that runs for over two-and-a-half hours.

I can't say how true it is to the book as I haven't read it (gasp!), but in terms of cinematic storytelling, it is captivating.

Definitely recommended, although you probably need to have seen the previous movies to fully understand the plot.

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As always... Rachael said...

Haven't read any of the books, and seen none of hte movies. I feel like I'm missing out on some big portion of pop-culture. I've never been a big fan of fantasy films or action flicks, and I guess that is why HP has never piqued my interest.

Glad you had fun at the movies though! Good job shielding the wee ones!

(oh, and thanks for your good-sense approach to my comments box... I knew I could count on you!)

The Teacher said...

I thought I should give the typical Jewish point of view. Remember.....two Jews, three opinions!