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Monday, 19 December 2005

America Offline

We’ve been with America Online (AOL) since we entered the weird and wonderful world of the Internet back in the spring of 2001.

The company has been very good to me over the years. When times were tough, they waived their monthly rate, without making a fuss and often didn’t bill me when I complained about this and that.

Aside from very minor issues, I have nothing but praise for the corporation and for the service it provides.

Four years on and times they are a-changin’. Dana has finally decided (Praise the Lord) that our dial-up is too slow and now she wants to get onto Broadband (ADSL). Did I complain? Hell no! I immediately contacted BT (British Telecom) and booked an engineer for the first week of January. Without going into detail, he’s going to be installing a new line and as a result, we are changing providers.


Because as wonderful as AOL is, the package it offers really doesn’t match up to others thrown at the public by the ever-growing competition. I don’t see why I should pay £17.99 a month for AOL’s 512kb service when I can get 2mb download speeds from numerous other companies for at least £2 less.

I’m not saying that I want to go for a cheapie provider, but fishing around and asking people, I’ve been recommend another ISP who seems to be doing as good a job as good ole AO’.

So, pretty soon, I hope to be zooming along the internet highway.
Kindly step aside if I burn my way past you.
We Two-Meg bandidos are taking no prisoners!

On a separate note, I thought it time to change the title of the blog.
I feel that I’m working too damn hard to be scribbling. I’m a teacher dammit. Let some other blogger ‘scribble’.

The (soon to be) Two Meg Teacher is in town and he’s kicking ass.

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Larrythelamb said...

excellent news, now you can download my jokes quicker.