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Friday, 2 December 2005

Birthday Boy (3rd Time Lucky)

I was born on Friday night, December 1st 1967, which corresponded with the 29th day of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan.

This year is only the third time in my life when both my Hebrew and English birthdays have coincided. Not only that,they are but a day before the actual day of the week on which I was born. The last occasion was back in 1986, when both birthdays fell on a Monday. I therefore view this birthday as being something special...and on Shabbat, we will of course be reading my Bar Mitzvah parsha, Toledot.

I've had both a wonderful and not so great day. First the wonderful part - my family and friends.

Dana has been amazing. She bought me an incredible present - a DVD player for our bedroom TV, so that we can now snuggle up and watch movies in bed, a luxury if ever there was one. She also crowned the day by turning up with a delicious pizza, my favourite meal.....and she bought me one of my all time favourite movies on DVD (Harold and Maude). Yes, I was spoiled and Dana, you're a star.

From my parents, I'm going to be getting an iPod, as well as some birthday money.

Dassi bought me (with her own money I may add) a gorgeous Snoopy model, replete with chef's hat, which is now sitting next to my computer in school (I hope it doesn't get stolen).

Tali gave me Michael Palin's book on his Sahara trip - containing wonderful photographs and Michal/Shira gave me some pretty delicious chocolate. Can birthday presents get any better than that?

My friends brightened up my day no end. I received texts and emailed cards containing cute pictures and lovely messages. It really made me feel special and very loved.

That was the great part....

The not so hot part was my having to go to school, deal with overly hyperactive kids (who were worse than usual) and stay in the building until 7.30 p.m for a Year 13 parents evening. Talk about bad timing.

One bright moment though, was the first visit by my parents to my school which took place between the end of the school day and the parents evening. They sat in my classroom as I showed them some new animated slide shows that I'm using with my classes. My parents loved the shows, it's just the kids who they don't seem to be interested.

So there you have it, a double birthday and getting spoiled by everyone. Maybe, getting older, at least on one day of the year, isn't so bad after all!

If you participated in my birthday, either as a relative or friend, please know that you literally made my day. Thank you so much - you don't know how great you've made me feel.

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As always... Rachael said...

Well, heck... Sorry I missed it! Happy belated birthday!

HAve you heard about the ridiculous arguments going on over here in the states? People thrusting their religion around and boycotting stores that wish customers "happy Holidays" vs. "Merry Christmas." It's about as arrogant as arrogant gets and it worries me.

But that's another topic... my birthday is this month as well. Best wishes for all!