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Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Give Me Sunshine (and no school)

The cloud of smoke that has been hanging over London since Sunday morning’s explosions has all but obliterated any chance of seeing the sun. I suppose I would notice it more, were this June, but still, the continually overcast sky hasn’t exactly helped to (literally) brighten up my days.

We are speeding towards the end of term and the kids are of course playing up. Just another two-and-a-half days to go and then seventeen– yes seventeen (I counted) days away from the school. People say that teachers get too many holidays, but now that I’m a part of that profession, I can honestly tell you that we need ‘em. We are all exhausted, each and every one of us.

Who knows, we may even see the sun during the holiday.


Tense Teacher said...

Amen! You speak the truth! I too, am counting the days (3 more for me) and am anxiously awaiting my 16-day vacation. And until someone has walked in our shoes for at least a week, they have no idea what the holidays truly mean to teachers.
Enjoyed reading your blog...

The Teacher said...

Thank you. In the spirit of teachers sticking together, I've added a link to your site.

Let's spend the next two-and-a-half weeks reminding ourselves that there is life outside school!