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Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Blogging Teachers Unite!

Like other bloggers, I get a real buzz knowing that people are reading my postings. As this is a site written by a teacher about teaching, it thrills me even more when fellow teachers drop by and leave comments.

Without offending you non-teachers out there, I feel that only fellow professionals can really understand where I’m coming from when I describe my school experiences. You can therefore appreciate how great it felt receiving a comment (from another teacher) to my last posting. I looked at her blog (also about our blessed profession) and found a link to this site!

It’s nice to know that we teachers are reaching out to one another across the universe (who knows, maybe they are also Beatles fans!) and meeting up in cyberspace. Reassuringly, there are other bloggers out there who also spend their days in the classroom trying to pass over their skills and knowledge to the next generations.

We teachers need to stick together!


As always... Rachael said...

And don't forget about us parents. We're putting our little monsters in your care, and some of us even give a damn!

The Teacher said...

I wish more parents felt the way you do. I sometimes wonder if they realise how hard teachers are working to give their little angels the education they should be getting at home.

Teaching is so much more than just imparting information. So much more.