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Sunday, 9 October 2005

The Thursday Question

It took two weeks in coming, but someone finally answered my letter in the Jewish Chronicle. He basically took me to task for saying that Gaza belonged to the Palestinians, because historically it hadn’t etc etc etc. Besides the fact that I know the person who is quite brilliant fellow but also pretty eccentric (read as ‘one sandwich short of a picnic’, if you get my drift), my ego was far more elated to see my name published in the paper yet again within the space of two weeks! He can argue his point till the cows come home, but that still does nothing to convince me that Israel was wrong to leave the Synagogues intact, irrespective of how barbaric some Palestinians showed themselves to be.

My mind is also focused on other matters. This coming Wednesday and Thursday, the Government Inspectors will be visiting our school. G-d is truly on my side, since I won’t be in on Thursday, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll be watching my lessons on Wednesday. This means that I have to get all my marking done as well as extensive lesson planning. I’m glad to report that I spent this evening achieving the first goal. After three and a half hours, I’ve got some serious marking to show off, but I guess the lesson planning will have to wait till the morning.

To complicate matters even more, I have a formal observation by my mentor first period Monday morning and I can’t afford to screw that one up, so this week will really get the most out of me. Come Wednesday evening and I’ve got 25 hours of fasting to contend with. The question is this – what’s worse… having the Inspectors in or spending my time in Synagogue on the holiest day in the Jewish calendar (i.e. Thursday)? Answers on a postcard by tomorrow please.

And how was your Saturday night?

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