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Monday, 31 October 2005

Halloween UK Style.

When I was in New York, virtually every house I passed displayed a rather plump pumpkin (or five) outside the door. The shops were selling everything Halloweeny and the people (especially kids) couldn’t wait to get dressed up and enjoy the festivities associated with the “Eve of All Saints”. Gee, were I living in the US, I’d probably be there, trick ‘n’ treating with them.

In the UK, unfortunately, though Halloween has gradually become more americanised (i.e. people do something about it), it has taken on a far more sinister cloak (if you’ll excuse the pun).

Kids, usually from white trash families get a thrill from scaring the shit out of anyone who’s stupid enough to open the door - and if you decide not to answer the doorbell, you never know what might happen to your house. A friend of mine told me that some little brats put an opened egg into his letterbox, whilst his neighbour had a brick thrown through his front (glass) door.

I have gone to the lengths of removing the batteries from the doorbell and switched the porch light off. Despite this, I still heard some little brats telling each other that they “heard someone was there” when they approached my front door. I felt my heart miss a beat, at the fear of what they might decide to do.

I know that Halloween is meant to be about ghosts and goblins, but somehow, I never imagined that it would lead to an evening of genuine discomfort for the individuals who choose not to participate in this “celebration”.

Happy Halloween to our American Cousins. With all the spooking and witching, I still wish I was in your country this evening, instead of mine.

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Larrythelamb said...

"im" that friend, mentioned.

This year I had to call the police at 6.30pm for them to STOP me going out there with a baseball bat to get the culpritS who like to throw eggs at my windows.

At 8.40pm, as the police didnt come (what did you really expect), I called them again after there were 50, yes 50 oinky turdy shits, wearing hoodies, throwing fireworks, fruit and veg in our direction, whilst they were making "ooooooo ooooooo" noises, like bloody apes.

Its now 9.20pm and did the police come, nah they couldnt give a toss.

Im liable to SWING for this mob this year and I have cause to go after them, i will take an impliment with me and USE it.

I`ll update this later on.