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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Self-Censored Posting

I would very much like to post a blog which describes my anger at the Government and Police's despicable actions towards Damian Green.

I would have had no hesitation in doing so about ten years ago.
These days, I'm too frightened to voice my opinions about the Government.

Welcome to Britain circa 2008.

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Bradley said...

Did you see Top Gear last night? Clarkson was road testing a Russian built 4x4 from the 80s...

He said that 20 years ago he did a road test in the same car and said the suspension was so good that he could light a cigarette on a bumpy road at 40mph. However he was no longer able to repeat the experiment because its now illegal for him to smoke in the car whilst working. He laughed about it - but it makes a good point about how locked down our society has become (and I'm not a smoker)!

We used to be shocked at how locked down the communists were, but look at ourselves now (and I'm not a communist either!)