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Monday, 1 December 2008

Mr Birthday Boy

I can't believe how many people have wished me happy birthday. The advent of Facebook has really hit home today as I looked through the good wishes, which I was really touched by.

My daughters have been phenomenal. Dassi made me the most beautiful card, replete with "41" badge and I was given two gorgeous cards created by Tali and Michal/Shira. I love being a daddy!!!

Dana managed to get me the most amazing gift...and one that I will be eternally grateful for - a microwave oven. I say this because I've been begging her to get one since the day we got married (even before) but she steadfastly refused, preferring the good old methods (i.e oven) to heat food up.

This evening, instead of having to wait an agonising 25 minutes for my meal, my ravenous appetite was satisfied in less than 300 seconds, thanks to my new birthday present. I can think of no finer or more appreciated gift for a man than a way to get him receiving his hot dinner quickly. On behalf of my end-of-day-patience, my 6:00 pm grumpiness and general physical weakness (hey, I'm a man OK - this means something), I thank her from the very bottom of my gastric system.

When my hunger has been satisfied, I can sit back and listen to the songs I've added to the newly received iPod, courtesy of my wonderful parents.

What more can anyone ask for. I've been truly spoiled and the great thing is that I can enjoy my presents for a long, long time to come.

Anyone for 2 minute porridge tomorrow morning?

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