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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Why Does Everybody Hate My Car?

I don't know what my poor little blue Fiesta ever did to hurt anyone because for some reason, it seems to be a constant target for other people's anger/poor driving/aggression.

A few months after I got it, some shitty little teenagers decided to go joy-riding down my street and inflicted on my little Fordy what would turn out to be one of the first in a long line of serious attacks.

If that weren't enough, another little teenage angel ran his key along the bonnet and driver's side, adding more hurt and shame to this long suffering automobile. I was definitely starting to worry about leaving my Fordy alone in a street or school car park.

I really felt her pain (but not enough to shell out money to relieve it).

Then, I get to my new school and someone backs into Fordy - again in the car park. If that weren't enough, another little darling took out his anger and smashed the driver's mirror, but a few yards away from the previous misdemeanour.

Now you'd think that my Fordy would have had enough pain to last a lifetime of cars. However, it was not to be because on Sunday, whilst driving the car, Dana had someone smash into the back bumper as she waiting on a roundabout (or as you Americans like to call it, a ro-ta-ry).

Battered, bruised and pretty much pissed off (we're talking about me now), I looked at the remains of my car and thoroughly frustrated, wondered as to what on earth it could have been in a former life, to deserve such hate. I even toyed with buying a personalised numberplate bearing the legend "WTF", but as I said, I'm not as financially attached to Fordy as I should be - or rather as she deserved her own to be.

Fordy is being taken away tomorrow to be looked at, assessed and probably written off by the insurance company- the last ignominious detail in a pretty sad history. I only hope that if and when I get a new car, people will treat it with a little more respect.

I can honestly say that I've never driven such a battered car in my life. Even worse, not one single dent was caused as a result of my driving.

Poor little Fordy, I could only protect you so much - it looks like you didn't do very well on your own. Ironically, I had an "All You Need Is Love" sticker on the back window.

If only.

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