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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Nir Barkat - Our Champion

I was delighted to read that Nir Barkat, the secular candidate in the Jerusalem mayoralty race, won the election. He proved that you don't have to be Orthodox or indeed Charedi to love the focal point of our nation.

Having been to Jerusalem more times than I can remember, I have seen with deep alacrity the taking over of the city by the Ultra Orthodox Jews - with the result being the flight of moderates like myself and our secular brethren from the city we so adore.

I didn't like Teddy Kolleck but respected what he had done over the years. I didn't like Olmert (I still don't) as Mayor and was indifferent to the incumbent, although apparently, he was far less bothersome that I'd imagined.

Nir Barkat is a "new" face with a young, fresh approach - a man whom I believe can do a lot of good in the city, if only to re-balance the population and make the city attractive to non-Charedis.

We have enough of a problem with the Arabs trying to divide our city - we don't need to do this by ourselves.

Mazel Tov to Nir Barkat and good luck.

Your victory is hailed by the moderates amongst us, who still see Jerusalem as the capital of the whole Jewish nation.

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