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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Admission of Wrongdoing

Yes I was wrong. I know. I've spent the entire day wondering how I could salvage any credibility on this blog after backing the wrong horse.

One thought though kept on making its way through the inner chambers of my brain. In fact, I vocalised it on the way to the downstairs toilet at about 2 a.m - I stayed up till almost 03:00 to find out how wrong I actually was about who would win the race.

The thought was simply - why am I upset? After all, as an orthodox Jew, I believe that G-d's presence lies behind everything that happens i our world. What if He has engineered it so that Obama will be the right president at the right time in the right place? How could I dare to suppose that I had greater understanding than the Supreme Being?

I mulled the thought over the next fourteen or so hours, facing the students who teased me with aplomb and grace. Coming home, it suddenly occurred to me that had Chamberlain not fluffed it in the late 1930's with Herr Hitler, the UK would not have been blessed with a leader of the calibre of Churchill. Similarly so, wasn't Bush the most appropriate man to helm the good ship "Administration" when Al Queda struck in the first year of his primary term?

I decided to look at the bigger picture (i.e bringing the Good Lord back into the thinking process) and came to the conclusion that it would indeed be foolish of me to try to second-guess the reason for Obama's victory.

I don't know much about him ( does anyone, aside from his close family and colleagues?), but I didn't know much about Bush either and although I know you'll probably disagree with me, he didn't turn out as bad as I had feared (vis a vis Israel).

We are entering new times and in this spirit, I admit that I was wrong. I forgot that the most powerful man on earth can only claim his throne if the most powerful force on earth wishes this to happen.

I may not have internalised Obama into my inner sanctum, but I've certainly brought G-d back into the equation and that makes me a feel a whole lot better.

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