All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Into White

I built my house from barley rice
Green pepper walls and water ice
Tables of paper wood, windows of light
And everything emptying into White.

Those lines from the beautiful Cat Stevens song really describe what has been happened at our abode over the last fortnight.

When we moved here, nearly a decade ago, we were faced with pepper(mint) green lined walls that frankly looked vile. We lived with these because re-papering/re-painting the walls was out of the question, not least because my DIY skills aren't what they used to be - i.e. they were never too hot and now...they're abysmal - and money wasn't exactly flowing.

Fast forward to the last two weeks and, as Dylan puts it, things have changed. Our walls are now a gleaming shade of white and the house has been transformed into a place that I am happy to show off to friends - as well as to come home to after a day at work.

The chief architect behind this endeavour was my good lady who found a fantastic decorator, the kind that I would have no hesitation recommending were he to have the time to do any more jobs. Yes, he's that good. Between her resolve and his skills, we have our very own White House.

Our green pepper(mint) walls are indeed no more and it definitely feels as if the hallway, landing, first floor and upstairs toilet have definitely been emptying into white.

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